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mystic mondays tarot spread

Hi there! I offer brief, 3-card tarot readings at a set price with the potential for further readings.

My Method

My tarot reading process involves 3 cards; Problem, Short-term Solution, and Long-term Solution. If more clarification is required, I can add an Oracle Card to the spread for a small additional fee.

You’ll email me at tahlialauren16@gmail.com with an open-ended question and I will send you a photo of the card spread, along with my interpretation. I have 2 decks to choose from: Mystic Mondays, which is a modern take on the traditional Rider-Waite deck; and Dreams of Gaia, a deck with a completely unique Major Arcana that uses the four elements instead of the regular Minor Arcana. If you’d like, we can discuss which deck would best suit you and your question.

You should receive your reading within 5 business days. Expect roughly 350 words.

My Style

I use tarot as a mindfulness tool, not as a form of fortune-telling. I’m not going to give you a definitive answer to a life-changing decision, but rather offer you some things to reflect on. That’s why open-ended questions are best; instead of asking “should I break up with my partner”, try something like “what is best for my relationship right now” instead. My readings might not give you the answers you want, but they should give you something to consider.


3-Card Tarot Spread – $12 AUD.

Oracle Card – $4 AUD

Payment must be paid to my Paypal account before I begin the reading.

Tarot Requests
Please include an open-ended question for me to base a tarot reading around. Include as much detail as possible, but keep in mind I’m not a fotune-teller and I cannot advise you on major life decisions.

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