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  • Creature Feature: Spotted Hyenas

    Creature Feature: Spotted Hyenas

    I know what the common perception of hyenas is: cruel, cowardly scavengers who leech off of other predators’ hunts. When we think of these animals, we most often think of the trio from The Lion King.  Disney actually got in a bit of trouble over its depiction of spotted hyenas. The animators went to the…

  • What Was the Beast of Gevaudan?

    What Was the Beast of Gevaudan?

    The Beast of Gevaudan is a fascinating cryptid because unlike its modern counterparts – like Bigfoot and the Mothman – we don’t have any photographic evidence or living witnesses. The Beast terrorised the province of Gevaudan in the 18th century, but it’s likely we’ll never know exactly what it was. It was most commonly described…