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  • Animals Mistaken For Mythical Creatures

    Animals Mistaken For Mythical Creatures

    Monsters and mythical creatures have always captured the human imagination. They are humanity’s answer to things we can’t explain, and proof that storytelling is our oldest art form. Before we had access to a great wealth of information about the world, there were a lot of things we had no name for. Palaeontology, the study…

  • Creature Feature: Flamingos

    Creature Feature: Flamingos

    Flamingos conjure images of tropical locations, beachside holidays, and quirky lawn decorations. But there’s more to these pretty pink birds than it seems.  Tickled Pink You may have heard that flamingos get their colour from eating salmon. It’s true that they turn pink because of their diet, but they don’t eat fish at all! Flamingos…