Why Learning Piano is Good for Your Mental Health


Have you ever thought about picking up an instrument like the piano? Did you know that on top of playing beautiful music, piano also has incredible mental health benefits?

Learning any instrument is a great hobby that relieves stress and sharpens your mind, but piano in particular is my favourite. My grandparents used to have an organ in their lounge room – back then I could only play “Three Blind Mice”, but I was endlessly fascinated by the thought of the simple black and white keys becoming gorgeous music with the tap of a finger.

We studied the piano in my year 7 music class, where I learned to play “Ode to Joy”. There was a pattern and a flow to the musical notes that felt satisfying. I struggled to read music, but my frustration was worth it when I correctly played a chord and the notes sounded divine.

At one point I bought an electric keyboard. I had a few lessons, but the instructor didn’t teach in a way I could understand. So I taught myself, finding free sheet music online on my laptop with the keyboard perched on the desk in front of it.

Playing the piano is wonderful for your mind. Reading music is no easy feat, so you’re exercising your brain. It’s also incredibly relaxing and almost meditative, especially when you don’t need to look at the sheet music and can just be swept away by the music.

Piano music has always spoken to me. The keys elicit such strong emotions that they can bring anyone to tears. So many people say they would love to learn an instrument, but they never start. Piano lessons can be expensive and time-consuming – they can also be very prescriptive. My lessons were strict and mathematical, taking all the magic out of the music. I always felt like I was falling behind.

But music should be accessible to everyone. If you’re not concerned about having the perfect instrument, electric keyboards can be bought pretty cheaply. You could do what I did and painstakingly annotate free sheet music, or you could learn online. Programs like Piano for All take you from beginner to expert with their tutorial videos. The complete package comes with Ebook, video, and audio lessons, so you can find a method that helps you learn best.

Piano for All is one of the most popular online piano courses and for good reason! Take a look at these testimonials from students:

“Your course is everything that you and others said it would be. The lessons are do-able and satisfying. Your videos and sound bites make everything quite clear. I didn’t think I could make the piano sound this good so quickly. If I weren’t so lazy, I would be doing even better. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who wants to learn the piano. Thanks so much. You are making a dream come true.” – Mike Epstein, Ramat Razi’el, Israel

“Recently bought your series and think it is incredible.  My mother was a classically trained pianist and my father was a bar room “by ear” player and I always wanted to be sort of combination of them.  Your set of books has made it all fun for me again.  Could never be bothered by all the technical stuff, just wanted to sit and play.  Piano For All is great. Thanks.” – Andy Godfrey, NY, USA

“Thank you so much for this course.  I have wanted to learn to play my favorite instrument as long as I can remember.  Now that I’m an adult, I am so glad to not have to learn from the child books.  Already being able to play popular songs just amazes me!  I am having so much fun.” – Vivian Bell, Fairborn, Ohio, USA

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