Self-Care Resources to Make You Smile


Like so many people, you’re probably not investing as much in self-care as you should. If you need a little help tending to your mental health, then check out these resources from Self Love Rainbow!

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There are so many self-help books out there that promise these huge, life-changing results but they cost a fortune! Sometimes all you need is a little guidance, some small reminder to take care of yourself.

I was looking for little ways to integrate self-care into my routine, and I came across Self-Love Rainbow. Dominee started this online store after struggling with her own mental health, with the goal of helping others. She knows that self-care looks different for everyone, so she has gone above and beyond with over 600 articles on self-love, personal growth, and mental health.

One of Dominee’s most popular products is the Self-Care Planner. It’s a brilliant way to keep track of good habits and boost your mood with encouraging affirmations! This planner makes your mental health a priority without making you feel guilty.

Another great product is the self-love workbook! This is a more in-depth look at your mental health and goes deeper into how you can change your life for the better.

Dominee has an endless amount of products like these. Her printables and digital products are cute and colourful, making it easy to take in information and fun to tick off the boxes. Not only that, they’re also super affordable!

Keeping tabs on your mental health has never been easier with Self-Love Rainbow. Check out the store now!

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