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  • Vampires from Around the World

    Vampires from Around the World

    The common perception of vampires comes from the European archetype of the pale, fanged, aristocratic monster. Count Dracula is usually the first vampire that people think of, but he’s not the original.  Bram Stoker was influenced by John Polidori’s The Vampyre, a story developed at the same party of Lord Byron’s where Mary Shelley wrote […]

  • Shoreside Musings: Thoughts by the Beach

    Going to the beach feels like a dream.The soft yellow sand feels like melting into a cloud, my feet sinking deeper, slowing my movement. Everything echoes. The wind whips through my ears, painting the warm glow of the sun with strokes of chilled air. Seagulls shriek and it reverberates, sounding distant and close all at […]