How to make Affiliate Marketing your Newest Side Hustle


Looking for a way to supplement your income from home? Why not try affiliate marketing?

You’ve probably seen affiliate marketing without even realising that’s what it is. Boiled down to basics, affiliate marketing is when you promote a product through a link, and every time someone buys through your link, you make a commission!

About 80% of brands have an affiliate program, including Nike, eBay, and Amazon. They benefit from marketers promoting their products to social media, and the marketers benefit by making commissions!

There are many different ways to do affiliate marketing. You just need to sign up to an affiliate program and get your promotional link. Then, push that link everywhere you can! It’s important to only promote things from brands you believe in, because your audience should be able to trust you.

The most popular kind of affiliate marketing is low-ticket offers: these are products that your audience only buys once, like a book. They usually don’t pay much, but you can easily promote lots of different offers this way!

A platform I use for low-ticket offers is Benable. It works like Pinterest, where you build lists of your favourite things. Then if people purchase through your link, you make money!

High-ticket offers pay quite a bit more, but they’re a bigger commitment for your audience. These often include courses, like the one I’ve signed up with. If you make an affiliate sale through a course, you’ll get a recurring commission!

The course I’m in is SUPER supportive and offers you all the training you could ever need. It’s a worthwhile investment just to know you’re not doing it alone.

I love affiliate marketing because it lets me work from home and make money passively. Because I’m chronically ill, I get sick a lot. I can take time to heal and still be making commissions in the background!

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, try affiliate marketing today!

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