June Crafting Roundup: What I’ve Been Making This Month

This month has been a big one for crafting! After a long dry spell, I picked up my crochet hook and bought some new materials to get back into that beautiful creative state of mind. 

Recently I’ve taken an interest in polymer clay. I started out by crafting a pair of mushroom earrings for myself. This was a bit of a trial, so I wasn’t too upset when they didn’t turn out how I wanted. They were too small, and I’d left the clay too long before baking so the colours had started blending together. Also, the only white clay I could find was this glittery pearl colour, which wasn’t what I wanted. 

But I wore them a few times, and I had some friends and family ask for pairs of their own! I got into it, and the practice produced some much cuter, stylised mushrooms in pink, red, and blue. 

Just for a bit of fun, I made a little snail and a frog prince. They’re just sitting around in the house, but they’re cute. 

Most recently I was crafting a necklace pendant in the shape of a tooth. I might be the only person who would want something like that, but that’s ok! The thing about white clay is that it burns easily. As soon as I took the tooth out of the oven, it was marbled through with streaks of purplish- and reddish-brown. It wasn’t what I’d planned, but it gave the pendant an extra macabre touch that I really love. Happy accidents indeed!

My pride and joy for this month was crafting this lovely mushroom doll using the Impkin Pattern by Crafty Intentions. I used handspun yarn for the body and chunky yarn for the cap that was thicker than the pattern called for, so the doll is pretty top-heavy. Briefly I thought about sewing it a face but decided against it, because I like the mixture of creepy and cute that it has without one. 

I absolutely adored this pattern. It’s part of a big document that shows you how to add all kinds of accessories and details to your “impkins”, like wings, hats, and horns. I’ve got plenty of ideas for future projects based on this pattern!

So that’s what I’ve been making this month! What kind of crafting do you like to do? Made anything recently? Let me know in the comments!

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5 responses to “June Crafting Roundup: What I’ve Been Making This Month”

    • Thanks!! That’s probably my favourite toy I’ve ever made

  1. The mushroom doll is cute. It must have taken a fair bit of time and effort to get it to look like that. I’d have no chance.